Zooby’s Breedable Lemurs offer the most unique, engaging and fun activity in Second Life breeding. Unlike other breeding games, Zooby’s breeding is easy to use, incorporates mini games, allows you to customize lemurs and includes some of the most adorable pets SL has to offer.

Your primary objective is to breed lemurs with rare and unusual traits. This can be accomplished by breeding specific lemurs together either from the same group, same tribe, same location on a sim or with friends lemurs. Managing these settings allow you to create an optimal situation for receiving the best results from breeding.

It is necessary to keep lemurs happy and comfortable so they are ready to breed. This can be achieved by providing food, candles, fruits, vitamins, and snacks. Holding lemurs and playing games with them help maintain their comfort and energy.

After you have invested time into breeding, you have the option to sell special lemurs that contain rare and unusual traits. Special lemurs have value because when breeding them there is a greater probability to breed more rare lemurs with unique genetic traits.

It takes time to breed lemurs. While you fulfill their needs and wait for them to breed, they will randomly roam, sit, dig, look around, make sounds, eat and sleep. They will also dig up glowing white stones. When you click on a white stone it may become a gem. Gems are used to play the Lemur Gem Game which allow you to add new traits to lemurs.

The Lemur Gem Game consists of a Lemur Magic Altar. Your task is to offer the altar collected gems that lemurs find and pass to you. The altar will mix specific gems together and create a special gem trait that you offer back to any lemur. When a trait is accepted it can be genetically passed down to newborn lemurs upon breeding.