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What are Breedable Lemurs?

Breedable lemurs are adorable Second Life pets that breed, collect gems and are customizable. You can find them at Zooby’s and other resellers.

If you do not have an account, join Second Life for free. Once you are a member, login and search Breedable Lemurs.

How much do lemurs cost?

You can can purchase starter packets at Zooby’s or you can purcase lemurs and dens from the secondary market resellers in Second Life.

Single Newborn Male Lemur Den + Food for 1 week.

Single Newborn Female Lemur Den + Food for 1 week.

Two Newborn Lemur Dens (male and female) + Food for 1 week for both.

Four Newborn Lemur Dens (2 males and 2 females) + Food for 1 week for all.

How much does lemur food cost?

Larger quantaties of food cost less than smaller amounts.

Small Food Bowl for One (Feeds 1 breedable lemur for 28 days and 1 pet lemur for 56 days).

Medium Food Bowl for Five (Feeds 5 breedable lemurs for 28 days and 5 pet lemurs for 56 days).

Large Food Bowl for Ten (Feeds 10 breedable lemurs for 28 days and 10 pet lemurs for 56 days).

Xtra Large Food Bowl for Twenty (Feeds 20 breedable lemurs for 28 days and 20 pet lemurs for 56 days).

Will I have to purchase all this stuff including the gem revealers, activation powder, boosters, vitamins, etc to breed my lemurs?

No, you do not. Those items are optional. Our lemurs breed like any other breedable in SL. You really only need food to keep them alive for breeding. We include the gem game as an OPTION, not an obligation to breeding. We created it to offer a breeder something to do and keep them engaged as well as include an additional element of optimization. The boosters allow the breeding process to move faster, but are not necessary for breeding. You can give your lemurs comfort for free by holding them and playing banana toss with them.

Can I share lemur food with friends lemurs?

Yes and you can assign specific friends lemurs to use your food bowls. When you rez a food bowl you have the option to set up parameters.

For example, if there are several residents on your sim with lemurs, but you only want to share your food with your friends lemurs, you can select Users and add your friends name. You can also select All and allow all lemurs on the sim to eat your food.

Remember, if you select Tribe, only lemurs belonging to YOUR Tribe will eat the food! This avoids other people from creating a same Tribe name and stealing your food.

What are their permissions?

Zooby’s Breedable Lemurs are transferable. The food, gems, accessories and boosters are also transferable. This allows you to easily resell lemurs and share them with friends.

What happens if I lose a transferable lemur?

We built a database that tracks all lemurs and who currently owns them. You must rez a lemur on land to register it. If you pass a lemur to a friend, then that friend is the current owner. If you lose a lemur we can track where it is and retrieve it for you.

Do they get sick, die or run away?

Yes they get sick. No they never die. No they do not run away. If you deny a lemur food for 3 days it will get sick and lay down with a green head. If you offer a sick lemur medicine it will get well instantly.

What happens if I have to leave SL for a few days?

Your friends can feed them or you can leave out a large food bowl. You can also set them to remain idle or roam a short distance from their food.

Do they come with a hud?

No. We have always found huds to be cumbersome and not always necessary, unless you are an animal avatar and need to click functions to control your movement.

Most interactivity is accomplished by clicking lemurs, their food, gems, boosters and accessories. We also offer a Zooby Lemur Remote that allows you to control hundreds of lemurs at the same time. The remote is very useful if you are a large scale breeder and you are trying to manage many lemurs at once and all their settings.

How many prims are they and will several of them lag my sim?

They are only 12 prims. They are scripted to work efficiently. Their data is retrieved from an external database, so they will never lag a sim. They move easily, never collide and you can easily rez hundreds without a problem. Lemurs also have a Market Mode button located in their menu that immediately reapplies all their settings to the lowest possible impact on a sim.

You can also Attach to Center on your avatar and take them with you when you teleport. They will roam around at your feet without being confined to a rotation point.

My Lemur stopped eating. What do I do?

Rerez your lemur. Take it into your inventory and then out again. If you have food available make sure you rez your lemur near its food bowl.

Group Setting
If your land is set to a group and does not allow outside scripts, make sure the lemurs and food are also set to the same group as the land. To do this, edit your lemur and click the Set button under General and select the correct group. Next, edit your food bowl and do the same thing.

For example, the lemur is set to ‘Monkey Playtime’ and the land was set to ‘Monkey Clowns.’ Monkey Clowns do not allow outside scripts. The lemur/bowl/etc scripts wouldn’t work until you changed the group setting from ‘Monkey Playtime’ to ‘Monkey Clowns.’

Groups matter if you’re using group as a setting for food or candles, or if the land is set to only allow scripts to run for objects in the same group.

If the land is not set to a group, and you are using group settings for the food or candle, make sure the lemurs and food are set to the same group as each other.

Home Position
Re-set home position. Click your lemur, click Range, click Set Home and the new home position will be where your lemur is rezzed.

Does a lemur only need food to breed?

Boosters are offered to make the breeding process faster. For breeding to occur you need to provide food. If you do not have a candle you need to hold your lemur and play banana toss with your lemur.

What happens if I starve my lemur?

Assuming a lemur started at 100% Nutrition, it will become sick if it is not fed for 72 hours. You will be able to tell a lemur is sick because it will have green hover text, its lemur’s head will turn green, and it will go into an "I’m sick" pose. It can be healed immediately with medicine. A lemur will go back to it’s normal appearance once it is healed. Once you let your lemur to get sick and then make him well, he will not be able to gain heat for several days.

What is the difference between pet and breedable food?

One Food bowl feeds one breedable lemur for 28 days. The same food bowl feeds one pet lemur for 56 days. Fruit particles appear out of breedable lemurs while they are eating and vegetable particles appear out of pet lemurs while they are eating. A lemurs default state is breedable, but can be converted into a pet if you click the lemur, click Convert, and click Pet. To turn a pet lemur back into a breedable lemur, click Convert, and click Breedable. The newly converted breedable lemur has to eat for 7 days to be able to breed.

How can you tell how many food morsels are left?

The amount left is shown in hover text above the food bowl and candle. You can also click the food bowl or candle and a menu appears that displays the amount remaining.

What are Boosters?

Boosters allow your lemur to gain comfort, nutrition and heat at a faster rate. It is not absolutely necessary to use a booster to gain comfort, but it is recommended if you are breeding large numbers of lemurs. You can also interact with your lemurs daily to gain comfort.

Can a lemur gain comfort without a booster?

You can interact with your lemur up to 5 times a day to gain comfort. Interactions include either playing banana toss or holding your lemur. Lemurs need to have comfort level reach 75% to gain heat. Heat goes up faster the closer they are to 100%

Lemurs come with a free copyable banana. You can throw a banana at any lemur you own as often as you like. One banana toss will increase your lemur’s Comfort by 5%, with a cap of 25% each day.

You need to hold your lemur up to 30 minutes per day to reach 25% Comfort. You can hold your lemur for less time if you also play banana toss.

What do candles do?

Candles are boosters that give a 2% increase in comfort to your lemur every hour. Candles are necessary if you are tying to increase the heat of your lemurs and do not have time to hold them or play banana toss. Candles are only for breedable lemurs.

Why would a lemur need medicine?

Medicine is necessary if you starved your lemur for 3 or more days. If any lemur is denied food for 72 hrs, it will get sick, have a green head and lay on the ground. The only way to revive a sick lemur is to offer it medicine. A medicine bottle used one time will heal one sick lemur and bring its nutrition up to 33%. It is important to offer your lemur food immediately after medicine so it does not get sick again. Breedable or pet lemurs can use medicine.

What is passion fruit?

Passion fruit is a heat related booster. You can feed it to your lemur once per day to raise heat by 10%. It is useful if you are breeding large numbers of lemurs quickly. Passion fruit is only for breedable lemurs.

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are boosters only for pregnant lemurs. One hour vitamins reduce birthing time by 1 hour. Five hour vitamins reduce birthing time by 5 hours. Only one vitamin can be offered to a pregnant lemur per pregnancy. Vitamins are only for breedable lemurs.

What are snacks?

Snacks are tasty booster treats that you can feed to your lemur once per day. One snack will increase one lemur’s nutrition by 10% and comfort by 2%. Breedable or pet lemurs can eat snacks. Pet lemurs will benefit nutritionally from snacks, but it is not necessary to keep a pet lemur comfortable.

What are Gem Traits?

Gem Traits are unique genetic traits you can add to lemurs. They can be utilized when you combine random gems your lemurs dig up.

I clicked a glowing white stone and a hat and shoe appeared. Do I need that those things?

No. Anytime a glowing stone is clicked on and something other than a gem appears, that item is considered junk. It will automatically delete itself after a period of time or you can edit/click and delete it.

I lost a gem. What do I do?

Nothing. We do not replace gems. Do not worry, lemurs constantly dig up new gems.

My altar is not accepting my gems. Why?

The altar will not always accept all gem combinations. For example, if you combine a red and blue, you end up with a purple gem. Then you take that purple gem and try to combine it wiith another red gem, it will not work (currently). Right now gems are only in primary and secondary colors and black and white. In the future you may be able to combine secondary colors.

I want the rare black gem. How do I get it?

Keep combining the same colored gems together and eventually a black gem will appear.

How is the black gem different from the colored gems?

When you combine a black gem with a white gem you end up with a very cool gem trait.

I purchased a den and the lemur inside was born with gem traits I do not like. Can I remove them?

Yes. You need to go to Zooby’s and purchase the Gem Trait Remover. It is a one time use and can remove one gem from one lemur.

Once that trait is removed, it will not pass down to future generations upon breeding.

After I combined a colored gem and a white gem I ended up with a vase. I clicked the vase and nothing happened. Why?

You need to get the Vase Activation Powder from Zooby’s to turn the lead vase gold. Once you have it, attach it to your hand and click it. It allows you to activate a lead vase.

Can I sell my gems and vases?

Yes, they are yours and you can keep them or sell them.

How many gem traits can a lemur reveal at the same time?

Up to three.

How do range settings work in regards to breeding?

Range refers to the distance in meters from a lemurs home point setting. It is important because it detemines the placement of lemurs when they breed and eat.

Food and candles need to be set within a lemurs roaming range so lemurs have access to them. Lemurs need to be placed within the same range as one another so they have access to each other to breed. Sick lemurs cannot breed.

If you click a lemur and click Range you can set a specific meter distance from a lemurs home point. Particle effects appear that show the range.

What is the breeding cycle for female lemurs?

  • After birth a female lemur must eat for 7 days.

  • Spends 3 days gaining heat.

  • Pregnancy can occur during the next day.

  • Remains pregnant for 2 days.

  • Cools down for 2 days.

After a female lemur cools down from pregnancy, how long does it take her to become pregnant again?

  • Cools down for 2 days.

  • Spends 3 days gaining heat.

  • Pregnancy can occur during the next day.

  • The lemur can get pregnant as soon as heat reaches 100% if there’s a male around with 100% heat who is awake.

At what age does a lemur stop breeding?

A lemur retires at 90 days and can no longer breed.

What is the breeding cycle for male lemurs?

  • After birth a male lemur must eat for 7 days.

  • Spends 3 days gaining heat.

  • Can mate at any point during the next day.

  • This cycle continues without a cool down.

  • Spends 3 days gaining heat.

  • Can mate at any point during the next day.

  • Spends 3 days gaining heat.

  • Can mate at any point during the next day.

Will I be notified when lemurs are about to breed or a female is about to give birth?

Yes, you will be notified if you want to be. Click your female lemur, click Breeding, click Alerts and select BirthAlert to be on. You can also be notified when lemurs are about to breed by selecting the BreedAlert button.

My lemur says he cannot gain heat for x days/minutes. Why is this?

When lemurs are cured from being sick, during any cool down period (after giving birth for example), or when they are converted from a pet to a breedable, there is a period of time lemurs cannot gain heat. The hover text menu lets you know when they can begin to gain heat again so they can eventually breed.