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ten simple and elegant, but

Postby ylq » Thu May 21, 2020 12:19 am

Wearing a bright dress, the expression is only the external beauty, which can only bring us visual enjoyment. The inner beauty allows us to enjoy a spiritual shock. Anyone who has seen "The Emperor's New Clothes" will leave a clear impression on the king who changes his clothes all day. The king loves gorgeous clothes and tries his best to dress himself up. In order to satisfy his desire, he did not hesitate to use heavy money to invite some people who claim to be the most beautiful clothes in the world. In the end, he was confused by these scammers, made a non-existent dress for him, and then let him walk to the street naked to show himself, making him lose face in front of everyone. The gorgeous dress is beautiful, but if there is no full heart, then this gorgeousness will only become a cover-up []Marlboro Gold[/url]. Opening the Internet and watching a female celebrity walk through the red carpet in one way or another in a million-dollar costume []Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], it always touches people. Behind them, there is a gorgeous back, but no matter how you look, you can't feel the meaning of life. In contrast, some plain ordinary people can bring a burst of warmth to society. Peng Meijun, a college student with the same beautiful name and deeds, did not linger on the gorgeous stage in gorgeous clothes, but wore a sick uniform to struggle with life in the hospital []Cigarettes Online[/url]. She misses this beautiful world, but she knows how to best convey the love of society. The pair of corneas she donated brought us not only the emotion but also the sentiment. Under the simple appearance, her rich heart makes us understand what is gratitude and reward, what is love and life. In April 2014, there was also a simple figure that left a deep impression on us. He is an old man of low looks, with a beard, a black suit, black cloth shoes, and no socks. He naturally sits at the podium of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and looks down at his speech. His name is Li Xiaowen and he is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His most natural and natural clothes slapped a loud slap on the vanity. Such clothing makes us feel a sense of beauty: not to be playful. Through the "most beautiful" figures, we find that the clothes of these people who are entitled "the most beautiful" are often simple and elegant, but their hearts are noble and pureBeauty must not only be expressed in outer clothing, but also be rooted in the heart, so that it can be called true beauty.

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