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Suggestion 4 future ideals an way's to make community better

Postby T0XICxCHICK Xstar » Sat Oct 05, 2013 1:30 pm

so here i am typing to you directly, First of all want make it clear i adore Lemur's luv product work hard breed them, i know ideal,s an new products do not happen over night i would like speak an suggest things help community to keep balance on flow..

1: LE lemur can get only thru Sanctuary- Make it Non Trans Le for Holidays Event's make it 10% chance pull Rare eye only come from LE's make offspring of LE - can trans just not LE itself so people merge dens- get Special LE if not Trans means only get 1 er customer... make it gift from creature to breeder 1 every holiday this will kill of cheaps den but also give breeder a gift/reward rare chance pull new eye- make points for it HIGH make other stuff not so much high points make 1 thing in shop big point but very REWARDING TO US!!

2: Web Market mode on menu on Lemur's - here is ideal could do help people try shop cant due lag of sim's or lack time that takes walk around sim 1 hour not finding right lemur they wish buy how about we help them buyer an seller listing lemurs from seller's - profile list what each person has set market mode to sell.

just like this set up-'

Also help auction's you need list them on your website how and why dont list auctions on website and your sponsors i think could be good ideal as well

just like this -'

ok so here my top 10 ideals that like bring to your attion:)

1:Market Mode on website link seller's to Buyer's

2: Auction Link on site show us Times/Days/Place's where can sell and meet other Breeders..

3: Q n A Every Sunday or Least Once month On last Sunday of month for 2hour season Talk..

4: Ideals bring new blood new Breeders more ideals 4 Promotion ideals

5: LE thru Sanctuary Non Trans LE that can breed using 200k points-10% chance pull rare out only LE can pull down to breeding,that bring once every special holiday event..

6:Up coating coats/eyes/traits every 3 'weeks not 2 coats new in 1 day keep balance so can sell offspring's before new ones hit grid'

7:Instead brining cat's and babies to work with Lemur's what about climbing jungle tree's they could interact with..

8: making eye's if combine 2 eyes make new eye not this random eye pulling here ideal 1 eye think could be interesting for 1 mostly female breeder's as it cute and girly- ocean eye breeding to leaf eye makes - magenta eye- too much random on up coating don''t see no pattern 2 eyes brining new gen's all see is get ever leaf or aqua all time nothing new why dont make eyes combine bring new eye out from future...'

9:Making Lemurs to duel- what about could do fun game's with them - dueling other Lemur's,or some how making breeder lemur's interact with other's just like how did with training' pet monkey's

10:- Forum online have staff there do respond to ideal i dont see many staff putting much effort or input in forum's we need as community talk more ideals together work as team

What my concern is you made start lemurs coats dropping fast people had new coats couldnt sell offspring fast anufe before you brought new coat in...need make breeding flow smooth not at start all fast now so quit..

Now probably heard i was complaining in group chat about shop i feel my point of view was strong as after i killed 50 live lemurs an over 30 dens make 24k points an send it up under minute - receive just 2 fruits and 2 pill's is very depressed an sad for me then find out day after use my point's they points was cut in half after i use all mine u guys make it bit better how that made me more mad i feel i used up my points for nothing i am sorry Carrie i am breeder i do have voice want see lemur's be great not copy rest breeder trends which kill em at end hope my nc wasn't too big hope did was able understand my typing thank you so much toxic:)
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Re: Suggestion 4 future ideals an way's to make community be

Postby cmoonwolf » Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:16 pm

not sure if right place to post but just my feedback: service could be a lot better I never get answers and every other breedable i have they respond and fix it right away, and i would like for one day for the lemurs to have their proper sounds and be more like real lemurs and not chimps that look like lemurs as they are right now, no offense. here's a vid of real lemurs with real lemur cute chirps and murrs:
this has their purr kind of sound:
this vid has them doing their own unique brand of howls for lack of better word at end of vid.: (love this sound and zooby lemurs don't do it yet and i love their clicks and murrs)
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